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why government fails

The whole world may in one way or the other be suffering from the effects of bad governance but the case of Africa is more precarious. There is no doubt that governance affects the performance and growth of a country, either positively or negatively. In Africa, poor governance is manifested through corruption, political instability, crime, poverty, etc and this has led to poor economic growth.

The demonstrated link between poor governance and poor living condition in Africa and other developing nations makes strengthening the quality of governance in the developing world an urgent task.

Second Coming Of The Whiteman

This book written by the same author Emma Dibia will hit your book stand in a couple of weeks.

The cover speaks for itself. There are two stages in this book. The first stage depicts the era of slavery which metamorphosed into colonization; indeed a more organized slavery. The author wrote that these were eras the Whiteman impoverished Africa and created today’s gap and inferiority between the white and the black.

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