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Emma Dibia & Associates is a leading global law firm headquartered in the city of Abuja, with an expanding network of associates in USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We offer comprehensive range of legal services with 20 years practice experience. We are recognized for our sector strength and by understanding our clients businesses and the industries in which they operate, we provide creative local knowledge in service delivery.

Emma Dibia & Associates is committed to the provision of premium services with its dedicated team. Working in Nigeria has enabled us develop a thorough understanding of the key political, economic, regulatory and legal issues which surround businesses in the region. It has allowed us to develop extensive network of contacts, not just with other lawyers, but also with government and private sectors across sub-Saharan Africa and can successfully steer organizations through the often unfamiliar business requirements that less experienced advisers may not fully appreciate in all manners of transactions, from complex deals structuring to dispute resolutions-arbitrations and litigations.