The second coming of the white man

This book written by the same author Emma Dibia will hit your book stand in a couple of weeks.

The cover speaks for itself. There are two stages in this book. The first stage depicts the era of slavery which metamorphosed into colonization; indeed a more organized slavery. The author wrote that these were eras the Whiteman impoverished Africa and created today’s gap and inferiority between the white and the black.

After independence, rather than bail out Africa with immediate economic plan, the gap was allowed to widen resulting to overwhelming poverty and insecurity. The reproductive effects of Africa’s poverty and insecurity spread rapidly into the west by the exodus of migrants and terrorism.  The western aids, grants and loans coming rather too late to cushion these reproductive effects are now completely overwhelmed by Africa’s inherent problems mainly corruption. The debt burden on Africa from western loans still keeps Africa enslaved to the Whiteman.

Now, China has invaded the world not by conquest but by consent.  The author is of the opinion that Africa negotiating with China with full consent would cut better deals. China with its loan package is prepared to revamp Africa infrastructures. Improved infrastructures brings improved economy. 

The big question is, will African leaders take advantage of this new pact with China to liberate Africa?

 If African leaders escrow corruption and honestly embrace China’s relationship, Africa will be a better continent in the nearest future. To Africa; china is rather a friend than a foe.