Why government fails

The whole world may in one way or the other be suffering from the effects of bad governance but the case of Africa is more precarious. There is no doubt that governance affects the performance and growth of a country, either positively or negatively. In Africa, poor governance is manifested through corruption, political instability, crime, poverty, etc and this has led to poor economic growth.

The demonstrated link between poor governance and poor living condition in Africa and other developing nations makes strengthening the quality of governance in the developing world an urgent task.

This book, Why Government Fails, identifies and explains some of the major problems of bad governance in developing nations, providing a comprehensive multidimensional examination of the nature, causes and potential solutions to the contemporary challenges facing developing nations specifically corruption and general indiscipline which have become endemic to the way of life of the people, while at the same time proffering possible panaceas to each of the problems.

This book targets general readers and also provides a veritable reference material for academic scholars. The masses are exploited. The takers of society bathe in greed while the common people slave away. We are living a life of lies. We are part of the game but we don’t realize a few people win but most people lose because the system only benefits a few.

Corrupt government corruptly enriches itself. Prosperity isn’t earned anymore; it’s a privilege dependent on exploiting the poor. These are the symptoms of a failing system.

This book is structured into 50 paragraphs which represents 50 lessons of bad government. The contents reflect our daily experiences within and outside us. The style employed in developing this work shows that the words and descriptions are simple and flows with our personal experiences and touch with our surroundings.

The reflections in this books captures developing nations all over the world. Particular emphasis are made to several countries as case studies but the world at large both the developed and developing nations are culprits and victims. These problems are indeed human factors and man-made. Government and the people fail because of indiscipline, greed, selfishness and lack of honor and thus we are all culprits and victims of a failed system. This books advices that when you live without discipline; you carry on without honor and dignity.

The book reiterates the fact that leaders and the led are responsible in building a better society.